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Family Law

The attorneys at Jesse Lee Ray, P.A. are prepared to help clients with a variety of family law and family law related matters including, real and personal property transactions and family estate planning, adoption, dissolution of marriage, time sharing or co-parenting plans, and the creation and revision of wills and trusts, or the resolution of disputes for these issues. Our lawyers provide understanding and supportive assistance no matter your situation, and can assess, plan and begin to resolve issues as quickly and economically as possible. If your family is going through any changes, we strive to provide a knowledgeable and supportive advocate to help navigate through issues such as establishing a homestead, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, co-parenting and time sharing plans, child support, and spousal support, and the distribution of marital assets, business assets, and household and business debts. Whether you are interested in obtaining information to prepare and plan for your future family or family business, or are seeking a resolution or litigating the disposition of unplanned events, we can provide legal advice to make sure you are well-informed and represented in any event. 

Additionally, we provide assistance in areas including family law and family income related matters including health care access and planning for Medicare and Medicaid eligible recipients, Social Security Disability Insurance Benefite, retirement planning, and other family related financial planning. 

The attorneys at Jesse Lee Ray, P.A. can also provide experienced legal help in domestic violence-related legal matters including obtaining or defending the placement of an injunction (also referred to as "restraining order").

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